t y p e . o f . a . b i k e . b e l l

The following shows my development of ideas turning the pieces of the bell into a typeface.

r i n g . f o r . i d e a s .

The typeface I've created for my bike bell is quite literal. I've taken the pieces and layed them out to make up each letter of the alphabet. I began by taking two of the parts and scanning them in together to create an 'a'. Although this worked I found it was too clumsy putting the letters in the scanner. I instead decided it would be best to simply lay out the pieces in the shape of the letter I wanted and photograph them. I then took the letters into Photoshop. I turned them to greyscale images and altered the contrast so I could cut out each letter and still left the right amount of detail showing.


The images seen below show the initial letters from scanned images and the later letters created from a photograph.

abc_rough.jpg abc_new.jpg